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Adventures of The Egg – Episode 3

October 5, 2007

Chapter 1 – Lost in thought about The Egg

 Greetings, defenders of the Galactic Realm!!  Greetings, fellow defenders of the truth and foes of the Dark Side!

When we last left our intrepid adventurers, they had planned their departure from their Star-Base.  Their destination:  The Hatchery to acquire their Egg.  The burning question:  Will they get a good Egg or a bad Egg?

We join them now on their travels….

“Only one more week” exclaimed Princess Pat. “I can hardly wait.”

“Yes,” the fearless Obie-Bob replied, “Soon we will have our Egg.”  “We have traveled many light days…and a few dark days also.”  We have achieved our goal to visit a Space Explorer of great fame in the Kentucky Star System, and now we must remain in the land of Munchkins in the Michigan Nebula until the parental units return.  We will then make our way to the Hatchery south of the Dallas Spaceport to obtain our very own Egg.” 

“We have visited WallyWorld and CampingWorld Systems and amassed vast quantities of “stuff” for our Egg, however, I’m sure we’ll need more “stuff” before we return to our Star Base,” said Princess Pat.  As an after thought, Princess Pat pondered…”If another word for “stuff” is cargo and we’re putting cargo into the Egg, does that mean we will be buying eggs-cargo?”  Or would they be egg-sentials??

“We’ve received many sub-space communications from those who also stand against The Dark Side,” announced Obie-Bob 

“Sir Fred and Lady Genie of the land of the Penns have traded their starship for a tug and tow as did Sir Tom and the Lady Patti.” 

“We’ve also heard from Lady Mo and her shining Knight Sir Allen of the Alfas.  Sir Allen had bionic “parts” installed (parts is parts) and the Lady Mo has weathered the recuperation well,” remarked Obie-Bob.

“Sir Leo and the Lady Lou have traveled long over many light years to the Land of Maritimes and returned safely.” 

“We shall depart the Land of the Munchkins soon, as the Egg has matured and will soon be ready to leave The Hatchery and its nest.”

“When exactly will that be?” quizzed Princess Pat.

“I have consulted our star maps and we shall leave on the second day of the new lunar month.”  “Our arrival time at the Hatchery remains on the fourth day of the month.”  “We shall continue to maintain contact with other space travelers via the Space Cellular Communications and the Juno Galactic Network.”

“Let us remember the words of the great ball player, Sir Yoga of the Berra,” announced Obie-Bob with a knowledgeable look upon his face.

“Didn’t he say ‘When you come to a fork in the road, take it’” said Princess Pat?

“Yes, he did, but I was thinking more of his other knowledgeable words ‘The future ain’t what it used to be’” said Obie Bob.

And so, all seems well with the Galaxy.  The Force is strong and the Dark Side weak.


Adventures of The Egg – Episode 2

October 4, 2007

The Egg Hatches

 “The Egg is hatched, the egg is hatched” exclaimed the vivacious Princess Pat, “Can we go get it?”

“No” replied Obie-Bob, defender of truth and foe of the Dark Side.

“But I want it NOW!” shouted the Princess with as much exuberance as she could.

“First we must visit a Space Explorer of great fame in the Kentucky Star System, then it’s on to the Land of Munchkins in the Michigan Nebula.  From there we will make our way to the Hatchery south of the Dallas Spaceport.  We should arrive on stardate 100407.”

“Where shall we go with our Egg?” the Princess asked.

“First we will stay close to the Hatchery, to insure our Egg is free from defects.  Should we find any systems malfunctions, we shall return to the Hatchery with it.”

“But we need “stuff” for the Egg, where can we find ‘stuff’? asked the Princess.

“There is a great store near the docking station where we’ll spend two solar days acquainting ourselves with the egg and praising it uniqueness.”  “The great store is known as WallyWorld and is known throughout the Galaxy for its everyday low prices,” advised Obie-Bob.

“When can we leave for all these new adventures?” asked the Princess.

We shall leave soon; we shall leave on the day of the Sun.  That way we should be able to navigate through the Nashville Spaceport area without the normal stellar traffic.”

So the two adventurers are working as hard as they can to prepare for the trip to the Hatchery.

What will they find when they arrive at the Hatchery?  Will they be given a “Bad Egg” or will The Egg be free of defects? 

Stay tuned for more adventures of Princess Pat, Obie-Bob, and the Egg.

Adventures of The Egg – Episode 1

October 4, 2007

Chapter 1 – The Egg is conceived

 Greetings defenders of the truth!

 When we last left Obie-Bob-Cannoli and Princess Pat, the giant cosmic storm Katrina had severely damaged their earth dwelling and it was in need of extensive and expensive repairs.

“We can effect repairs to our humble earth dwelling” said Obie-Bob, “but we must sell the wondrous Starship Ultrasport as there are not enough space credits available to make repairs to our humble earth dwelling and make payments to the evil space credit lenders.”

“Well,” said Princess Pat, “Let us then take the Starship Ultrasport to the Galactic Space Transporter Consignment Asteroid in the Texas star system.” 

So off went our two galactic adventurers on their final voyage with the Starship Ultrasport, having resolved to never again travel the Universe.

Within a short period, the Starship Ultrasport was transferred to a new Star Captain and Obie-Bob and Princess Pat settled into life in their humble earth dwelling, making trips to far-off places utilizing The Mighty Tracker, the emergency space transporter pod they had kept.

One day, Princess Pat remarked how much she missed traveling the Universe, having the freedom to go where no one has gone before…and to some places where many have journeyed, only to wonder “who stayed in this sleeping chamber last night, and what did they do?”

After searching the Google Web for small traveling pods, the two adventurous travelers located a group of space pod owners who worshipped small space pods resembling an egg.  These followers of The Egg, also known as Casitas, are fiercely loyal to The Egg, and for which it stands.

“Are they like the Jehovah Witnesses” asked Princess Pat?

“No” replied Obie-Bob, “they are just loyal followers of The Egg.  Maybe in their own way, they are also defenders of the truth and do fight to stop the return of The Dark Side”. 

“How many space credits would we need to ally ourselves with the followers of The Egg?” the Princess asked.

“Well, we have enough space credits, but we will be unable to utilize The Mighty Tracker to move The Egg.  The Egg does not have a propulsion unit but must have something called The Tug.  The Egg is then attached to The Tug and can then be transported from galaxy to asteroid, nebula to planet.”

“Where would we have to go to get The Egg?” she asked. 

“We must go the The Egg Hatchery in the Texas star system, just south of the Dallas Spaceport.” Obie-Bob replied.

So the two set off to The Egg Hatchery where The Egg immediately astounded them.

“We must have The Egg!” they both said in unison.

After depositing many space credits at The Egg Hatchery, the two had to decide what they expected of The Egg when it was hatched.  The two left the Hatchery to return to their earth dwelling and await the hatching of their Egg in about 90 star-dates. 

They were able to locate a serviceable Tug, a Jeep Liberty, for The Egg and await additional parts to insure the safe operation of the Tug when attached to The Egg.

Stay tuned, boys and girls, for new stories and the new adventures of Obie-Bob-Cannoli, Princess Pat, The Tug, and The Egg.

How it all began

October 4, 2007


Dear gentle reader,

For many star days, Obie-Bob-Cannoli and Princess Pat were employed by a company in New Orleans as Caravanmasters.  We set up trips, contacted vendors, and in short, did everything we could to make sure those left in our care had an enjoyable time.  We lived “the dream” for ten years, RVing to Alaska, in South Africa, and on the Big Island of Hawaii.

 We also had many trips on barges, which were “pushed” up the Ten-Tom waterway, on the Tennessee River, down the Mighty Mississippi and through the swamps of Louisiana.

 We traveled throughout the United States and Canada, visiting places and enjoying activities many only dream about.

 But there were dark forces we had to contend with.  There were some who believed they should have been chosen to travel to the exotic places.  These foes became Masters of The Dark side and tried to undermine the Mystic Yellow Shirts (those employed were required to wear bright yellow shirts).  A number of Mystic Yellow Shirts banded together to oppose The Dark Side and The Force was born!.  They became dedicated to The Truth and to oppose The Dark Side and to all those that allied themselves to The Dark Side.

 The members of The Force and wearers of the Mystic Yellow Shirts are many.  Obie-Bob-Canolli and his bride, the vivacious Princess Pat were one of the first to sense The Dark Side.  Soon others of the Mystic Yellow Shirts realized the danger of the Dark Side and became members of The Force.  Those that also oppose the Dark Side are Captain Al, the Aortic Wonder, and his bride the Lady Maureen, and the infamous “Double ‘D’s of the Colorado River.”

 After the Great Storm Katrina came, Obie-Bob-Cannoli and Princess Pat, and all members of the Mystic Yellow Shirts were release from their employment due to the devastation cause in the New Orleans nebula.  Obie-Bob & Princess Pat were forced to relinquish control of their Starship Ultrasport to a new Captain.  However, their desire to travel the Universe remained with them.

 Read now The Adventures of The Egg.

 And may The Force be with you!