Adventures of The Egg – Episode 24

Chapter 1 – Getting there is half the fun!

  “Well, Princess, as you may remember, we discussed returning to the frozen north Alaska Galaxy one more time.  Are you ready for an extended adventure?  I think we should do something different and utilize a unique Alaska Galaxy mode of transportation for part of our adventure” said Obie-Bob Canoli, defender of The Truth and foe of The Dark Side.

“What exactly do you have in mind? Is there a new transporter system we can use?” asked Princess Pat.

 “A transporter system??  Well, no.  But we could utilize a system know as the Alaska Marine Highway System.”

 “That’s a very peculiar name for a travel system” The Princess noted.  “Is it operated by Alaskan Marines or what?”

“Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God, Princess, and I doubt the Marines have any connection to it.  I think it is something we should try.  We could travel across the North America Continent and into the Canadian Universe, with stops along the way, including a stop in Vulcan.”

 “Is that possible?” exclaimed The Princess as “Live long and prosper” was being beamed to her.

 “Princess, once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.  Yes, we shall visit Vulcan.  And I will make arrangements for us, our Tug, and our lovely sleek Egg, Katrina Casita (or KC for short) to utilize the Alaska Ferry, as it is commonly called.  I will also make additional arrangements for the finest accommodations available for that portion of our adventure.”

 As promised, all the necessary arrangements were made by Obie-Bob.  As the time to depart grew closer, additional stops were discussed and planned.  Well in advance of their departure, KC was brought from its storage pod and it, along with the Tug, were filled to capacity with “stuff” that would be needed.  All new black circular adhesion discs were installed and a spare was lashed to the outer skin of the Tug.  All was ready for departure!

 “What should our first stop be?” asked Obie.

 “I’d like to visit my sister who continues to reside in the Tennessee Nebula, as I have not had the opportunity to see her in almost one solar year.  After that, I don’t know.  What are your thoughts, Obie-Bob?” The Princess replied.

“I have many places in mind, why don’t we just get out onto the spaceways and go.  We have to be at the departure point of Prince Rupert in the British Columbia sector of the Canada Universe on a specified date to obtain passage upon the water as planned, but other than that, we have no time constraints.”

So without further adieu, the two Adventurers were off.  A short, but very pleasant reunion with the Princess’ sister Michele and mate Terry in the Tennessee Nebula was achieved.

From there they crossed the Arkansas Galaxy and into the Missouri Galaxy where they stopped and viewed artifacts from a mode of transportation used many eons ago, those from the Steamboat Arabia  (  in the Kansas City Quadrant.  

Optical reading devices

Pistol and powder flasks

There were many displays with artifacts which had been recovered from the vessel which sank in 1856. Jars of pickles found in her hold were still crisp!

After touring the Museum, the two continued toward their destination.  They made their way to a temporary docking facility for the evening but were momentarily halted by floodwaters escaping the banks and flooding the spaceway! 

  However, they were able to navigate through the rapidly overflowing waters and arrived at the temporary docking facility just as Sol was setting in the west.

The next stop was at the famous Corn Palace in the Mitchell Nebula. While this was a repeat visit, the two enjoyed the free tour.

That night they dined on circular carbohydrate discs covered with seared bits of some unknown animal flesh, vegetables, and a gooey tomato based paste. It was yummy!

The two continued their travels, stopping in the Wall Nebula, home to the famous Wall Drug.  They made a quick tour of the famous apothecary but did not make any major purchase.  They did manage to obtain a sticker to adhere to some flat surface at a later date.

From Wall, they headed into the dreaded Badlands, which were actually very good!

They had a very enjoyable visit and saw great herds of huge four-legged, shaggy furred, large horned creatures.


Taking a short rest

Their next stop was at a mountain that was carved into to portray four great American Presidents.  But they had to travel through a small mountain just to get there. 

Obie-Bob and The Princess were able to have a picture made of them at the entrance to Mt. Rushmore.

Obie-Bob and The Princess

Their travels then took them to a famous battleground between the US Calvary and the fierce Sioux and Cheyenne warriors at a location known as The Little Big Horn. 

There are not enough Indians in the world to defeat the Seventh Cavalry.

From there they carried on, spending the night in Reed Point Nebula in the Montana Galaxy.  As they were walking through town they noticed a wedding in progress!  The reception was being held at the local watering hole and spilled over to a vacant lot where a sound truck, complete with a portable dance floor was set up.  Obie-Bob wanted to join in the celebration, but The Princess told him he was not dressed properly for the event as he had tennis shoes on and not cowboy boots!

 The next stop was in Great Falls, also in the Montana Galaxy.  They stayed for two nights and spent the time dining out, cleaning, and servicing The Tug at the local Toyota dealer who advised all was well.

Then it was time to continue on…they gained access to the spaceway and soon they approached the boundary at the Canada Universe, eh!  They eased into the queue along with many other space travelers.  After a very brief stop where they had to show their travel papers allowing them to enter a new Universe, they were allowed to proceed.

 “Whew!” thought Obie-Bob, “security is certainly tough!  I’m sure it’s because of the Zeronian migration of 1998, but it’s a very difficult job to monitor and police aliens attempting to infiltrate into their sector.”

 Princess Pat and Obie-Bob have completed the first portion of their adventure.  They will continue their travels in next chapter.

Chapter 2 – The Canadian Universe

After arriving in the Canadian Universe they made their way to a most peculiar place, known as “HeadSmashed In Buffalo Jump” where the First Nations people would herd the shaggy creatures off a cliff since they had no other weapons to hunt with.  The two spent the remainder of the day viewing the displays, viewing a recreation,  and wandering through the exhibit.

 “Is Vulcan next? Is it, is it?” asked The Princess excitedly.  “I can’t wait!”

 “Yes Princess, that’s our next stop.  We will have plenty of time to see all the sights that Vulcan has to offer.”

Our Space Wanderers arrived in Vulcan and were able to dock their craft close to the Star Ship Enterprise.  They had a very enjoyable and informative visit with the representatives of The Federation. 

The Princess especially enjoyed looking at the numerous artifacts that were available for purchase.   

Vulcon Information Center

 “I’ll tell you one thing Princess; you never cease to amaze me.”  “Nor I, myself” added The Princess.

 The next stop for the two was at the beginning of the scenic Icefields Parkway.  As they continued their travels, they noticed an appreciable decrease in the amount of warmth emitted from Sol.  Soon frozen hydrogen & oxygen particles were all around them. 


They had hoped to travel upon the frozen icefields in an enclosed “snowcat” but the weather was just too horrible!  So they continued on, but as they traveled, the weather improved slightly and they were rewarded with views of some of the local inhabitants. 



 After just a short while, mists obliterated the warmth from Sol and particles once again surrounded our two travelers.

 “Brrr!” thought Obie-Bob, “why did I leave my spaceport in the south to roam around in the cold?”

Upon arriving at their temporary docking facility for the night, they activated an auxiliary heating device to insure their comfort through the period of darkness.  They retired to the sleep chamber portion of The Egg and enjoyed a relaxing (and warm) night.

The next morning, the mists had gone away and they continued their travels across the British Columbia Galaxy stopping in the very small Smithers Nebula where they obtained a temporary docking facility in a Municipal Park.  Although the amenities were a bit scarce, it was a nice place to stop.


The two were approaching the next leg of their adventure, arriving in the Prince Rupert Nebula.  They obtained a small temporary docking facility in the Port Edward Nebula.  “Ugh!” Obie-Bob thought.  “I wonder who gave this facility such a glowing recommendation.  I will post a review of this facility on the information highway to warn others who may be considering utilizing this facility.  I would have gladly paid additional space credits for the facility in the Prince Rupert Nebula.  But we’re here and we only intend to be here for one full solar day and two periods of darkness, we’ll make do.” 

The two spent time seeing the sights of the Prince Rupert Nebula before starting on the next leg of their adventure….read on! 

Chapter 3 – North to the Alaska Galaxy!

“Is it time yet?  The Princess asked.  “Time for what, Princess?” replied Obie-Bob.  “Is it time to get in line for the next portion of our adventure?  You know, that Marine Highway thingy.  I’m ready to GO!”

“Well, we might as well go down and report to the local authorities.  It may take a while to insure our travel papers are in order.  I’m sure there will be other starships awaiting transport there too.”  So off they went and found where they needed to check in.  But before that, two Marine Highway officials measured The Tug and KC to be sure it was the length Obie-Bob advised them was correct.  Which, of course, it was!

They presented their travel documents and all was in order for their imminent departure.  The officials directed them to queue up with other adventurous space travelers.


Travel documents had to be shown again to officials from the USA Universe, as the next stop would be in the Alaska Galaxy as they were exiting the Canadian Universe.

 The Ferry that was to take our travelers appeared and their excitement grew.

Off loading

Before they knew it, it was finally time for them to maneuver The Tug and KC onboard.  Unfortunately, both of the Travelers were required to stay together, so there is no photographic documentation of them loading onto the Ferry.  After securing The Tug and KC (propane off!) the two made their way to obtain some adult beverages in the lounge.  There they met other space travelers and they enjoyed the company.  The voyage was short, only about 5 parsecs, but their arrival was during the period of darkness. 


Rather than seeking a temporary docking facility, when they arrived in the Ketchikan Nebula, they sought out the local Wal-Mart.  They spent the night, along with numerous other space travelers, in the flat, hard-surfaced area adjacent to the Wal-Mart.  As Sol made its appearance, Obie-Bob wandered into the Wal-Mart and was able to obtain a high energy, caffeinated beverage.

The Princess was soon awake and they departed to find where Obie-Bob had made reservations for their stay.  They quickly settled in and found to their delight, that not only did they have a Wi-Fi connection, but cable TV also! 

The Princess and Obie-Bob had ample time to wander through the Ketchikan Nebula, taking in all the sights.

 They found a replica of ancient inhabitants that were adorned with mystic carved figures

Clan House

They observed strange flying creatures fighting for the remnants of creatures from the deep dark depths.



“I wonder what those creatures from the deep dark depths looked like?” remarked The Princess.  “It doesn’t look like there is a lot of meat on those bones.”

 “While you were relaxing in the sleep chamber one afternoon, I observed what is known as “a catch” of the creatures and I have photographic proof of their existence, Princess” offered Obie Bob.  “I’m also told that if prepared correctly, it is a dish you would enjoy too!”

They wandered into the center of town and noticed some very strangely built dwellings.

“I’ve been told that young (and sometimes not quite so young) ladies of negotiable affection would live in the houses” advised Obie-Bob.

 “Just stay next to me, Obie-Bob, no wandering off for you!” The Princess exclaimed.

Again it was time for the two to move to their next destination in the Sitka Nebula.  Since it was an extended voyage of one full solar day, Obie-Bob had made arrangements for a sleep chamber on the Ferry.


“Why can’t we sleep in KC??” asked The Princess.  “Coastal Guardian rules, Princess” advised Obie-Bob.  “I have made arrangements for a sleep chamber with full facilities, so we will be very comfortable during the voyage.”

“Well Obie-Bob, as you know, there are some, in today’s economy, that may not be able to afford a private sleep chamber.  Where can they rest?” asked The Princess.

“Well, Princess, there are reclining chairs in an area that is kept quiet for travelers.  Plus, travelers are allowed to erect special sleep chambers on the ferry. 

 There were two stops while in transit to Sitka, one in Petersburg Nebula and one in Kake Nebula.  Passengers did embark and disembark and the process was quick and efficient. 

During the transit, The Princess and Obie-Bob were able to investigate the Ferry.  Another traveler offered to make a picture of the two travelers, so here are Obie-Bob and The Princess enjoying the warmth of Sol.

 “What’s that!” exclaimed The Princess.  “It looks like a Monster!”  “Ah, Princess, it is a denizen of the deepest darkest depths.  It is known as a whale in this Galaxy.”  

 One again, the two travelers were arriving at their destination during a period of darkness.  Fortunately, they were the first spacecraft to be allowed to leave, and they had but a short distance to go.  They arrived at their destination and then maneuvered KC into a temporary docking facility.  Soon, other spacecraft began to arrive and The Princess and Obie-Bob assisted, as best they could, other space travelers.  As soon as they could, they retreated to the sleep chamber portion of KC and snuggled in for the night.

There were many sights to see in the Sitka Nebula, and one of those was a favorite of Obie-Bob.  They were able to purchase consumables at a local purveyor and enjoyed a cold adult beverage as they dined.

The New Archangel DancersThey also attended a cultural event, a group demonstrating dances of the early settlers of the area and took in many sights regardless of the continued presence of hydrogen and oxygen particles in the atmosphere.
They visited a historical park and the residence of early settlers of this space quadrant.

Russian Bishop's House

All too soon, it was time to depart for their next destination, the Juneau Nebula.

“Are we going to have a private sleep chamber on this segment of our trip?” asked The Princess

“No Princess, I’ve arranged for us to travel on a high-speed inter-Nebula ferry.  What would normally take a full solar day to travel, we will accomplish in just under 5 parsecs.” Obie-Bob replied, with just a bit of pride in his voice.

The passage was very fast and the two found themselves in the Juneau Nebula, the capital of the Alaska Galaxy.  This was an especially rewarding stop, as the two lived here when Obie-Bob was a member of the Coastal Guardians.

They were able to visit many of the places from their youth, including the first earth dwelling they purchased.  “It seems a bit run down” observed The Princess.  “Yes” Obie-Bob agreed,” but the environment here is very harsh.  I’m sure they are trying hard to maintain their dwelling.

“We will have the opportunity to visit with a member of the Coastal Guardians that I served with here in the Juneau Nebula” advised Obie-Bob.  “Do you remember Sir Bill Paulick and his Bride Miss Karen?”  “Of course I do!” The Princess remarked.  “It will be good to see them after being away for so many solar years.”  They had a wonderful reunion and spent time together consuming mass quantities of seared animal flesh and adult beverages.  They also especially enjoyed observing the celebration commemorating the Independence of the USA Universe. 

They visited the Mendenhall Glacier and were sad to note that the glacier had diminished quite a bit since they left the Juneau Nebula in Stardate 1979.

Their time in the Juneau Nebula went by very fast.  They found themselves waiting to board another Alaska Ferry, bound for the Haines Nebula.  Due to scheduling conflicts, there was a short wait until the designated Ferry was able to accept travelers.

Before they knew it, the two travelers were now on their way to the Haines Nebula. No sleep chamber was necessary for this trip.

Arriving just as Sol was setting, they headed to a temporary docking facility they used when employed by the Mystic Yellow Shirts.  

The following day, they had plenty of time to visit many of the local attractions, including a museum dedicated to the preservation of hammers

A fish packing plant offered an educational tour of how creatures from the deep dark depths were processed and made ready for consumption.


“Whew!” thought Obie-Bob.  “All this is really nice, but I would sure enjoy sampling some of the local adult beverages.  I think I may know where to find some.”

No visit to the Haines Nebula would be complete without a visit to The American Bald Eagle Foundation.

After the Two Travelers finished visiting the Haines Nebula, they continued their adventure and made their way toward the Homer Nebula upon the spaceways.  But to get there, they had to travel through a portion of the Canada Galaxy.  Once again, they had to stop and produce their travel documents at a very small entry portal.  As before, the authorities allowed them to pass without further inspection.

Canadian Universe Border Crossing outside of the Haines Nebula

It was a lonely trip and very few space travelers were out. 

Soon they came to a fork in the spaceway…

“What should we do?” asked The Princess.  “I think we should do as the great Great Yogi said, “If you come to a fork in the spaceway, take it.” advised Obie-Bob

Since the distance was so great to the Homer Nebula, a number of temporary docking facilities were utilized during the trip.  Quite a few of the ancient spaceway construction craft and relics from earlier days were observed along the way.

Eventually, they had to enter back into the USA Universe.

As it was approaching the time to enjoy consumables, they stopped at a well-known eatery known as Fast Eddy’s in the Tok (rhymes with “broke”) Nebula and enjoyed a platter of deep fat fried fungi.  Yummy!

Deep Fat Fried Fungi....YUM!

From there, the two made a quick departure from the main spaceway to another spaceway which took them to the Anchorage Nebula.  There they spent time removing dirt particles from their space uniforms and performing a thorough cleaning of KC, both the interior and exterior. 

After a two solar night stop, they traveled to the Homer Nebula where they found a temporary docking facility close to the Alaska Ferry. 

They were able to locate an extraordinary purveyor of carbohydrate discs, known only as Finn’s. 

KC and The Tug were secured and they walked to the Marine Highway docking facility as it was very close by.

“You did secure the entrance portal to KC before we left didn’t you, Obie-Bob?” asked The Princess.

“Of course” replied Obie-Bob, “the photographic image you see was captured prior to our departure.  Never fear, Princess” replied Obie-Bob.

Since the passage to the Kodiak Nebula took place during the period of darkness, a sleep chamber was once again obtained by Obie-Bob.

Arriving in Kodiak

The two arrived in the Kodiak Nebula where they were met by a close shipmate of Obie-Bob from his days when he served with the Coastal Guardians, Mr. A. Pismo Clam aka Dick Ross.  He took The Princess and Obie-Bob to their land based temporary sleep chamber and then for a tour of the area.  Much had changed since The Princess and Obie-Bob left in Stardate 1985.  Later that evening, Miss Lynda, the Child Bride of Mr. Clam, joined the group for an evening of dining and frivolous behavior.

They also met with another couple, Dave and his lovely bride, Miss Jeanne.  Dave was a tremendous help to Obie-Bob during his time onboard an ancient Coast Guard vessel, plying the treacherous waters of the Gulf of Alaska.

 The Princess and Obie-Bob had a wonderful visit with ample opportunity to visit local attractions, museums, and points of interest including the Baranof Museum and the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church.


Baranov Museum in Kodiak

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church

Their 3 solar day visit was coming to an end.  However, the forces of The Dark Side attempted to capture The Princess and Obie-Bob and hold them captive in the Kodiak Nebula.  The Dark Side had caused damage to the quantum flux capacitors on the vessel scheduled to return them to the Homer Nebula and to the comfort of KC.  Diligent technicians were able to effect repairs, but their departure was now delayed many parsecs.  Again, Obie-Bob had made arrangements for a sleep chamber and as soon as the two were allowed onboard, they quickly retired to their temporary sleep chamber and were soon sound asleep.

 Obie-Bob awoke the next morning to the gentle swaying as the vessel made the crossing.  It brought back memories of his service upon the waters….Obie-Bob sat and thought “being onboard a ship is like being in jail, but with the added chance of drowning.”  Soon The Princess awoke and joined Obie-Bob as the vessel approached the docking facility in the Homer Nebula. 

 They were able to observe the area where they left KC and The Tug and soon found themselves once again with their feet firmly planted on Terra Firma.

Homer Spit Campground as seen from the Alaska Ferry

 They remained in the Homer Nebula an additional period of darkness where they once again dined on the carbohydrate discs at Finn’s.  While visiting the local area, they were able to view the great winged creatures that abound in the area and even observe the birthing area of them!

 “Well Princess, only one more shipmate to visit, that of the legendary sea Captain J. Scott Merrill and his Bride Sharon.  You know, as a bright, shiny new First Lieutenant, The Captain took great pains to insure my success while a member of the Coastal Guardians.  We shall dine with them and enjoy some adult beverages, and tell stories of the sea” Obie-Bob commented.

They had a wonderful visit and were soon on their way.  “Princess, we should consider the great distance we must travel to be in the Grand Haven Nebula of the Michigan Galaxy on the specified date.  For as you’ll remember, we have an important event, known as HarkoFest to attend.  Two of our progeny will be arriving from far and distant lands to reunite with our oldest that has made a home there with her mate and offspring.  We will enjoy consuming mass quantities of adult beverages and enjoy seared flesh from the hot coals.  I can’t wait!” Obie exclaimed.

“Yes, Obie, it’s time to head that way, but I doubt our adventure is at an end yet, as there are plenty of spaceways to travel yet.  I’m sure we will find much to see along the way.  Plus, you never know when The Dark Side will try to deter us from our travels” cautioned The Princess.

As they traveled, they observed a rather large female hoofed herbivorous creature very close to the spaceway.


They also encountered numerous areas where the spaceways required repair. 

Princess Pat discussing proper road construction with the Flag Girl

Pilot Car

Often times, they would converse with the entities known as “Flag Girls” and offer them rolled and wrapped chocolate treats , which were greatly appreciated. “It seems we’ll never get to our destination!  This spaceway is endless!” remarked The Princess.Once again the two had to stop at the border and show travel documents, as they were entering the Canada Universe for the last time.  They stopped at a well-known attraction know as Liard Hot Springs where they lingered and relaxed for a while in the soothing waters.  When they returned to KC and The Tug, another Egg owner was waiting for them!  Soon a third Egg arrived!  How fun! At Watson Lake Nebula, the two stopped to add special signage to the famous Sign Post Forest to show proof of their visit to the Canadian Universe.

Our sign posted in The Signpost Forest

“I hope all those traveling these spaceways in Eggs observe our signage and report back to us” The Princess remarked.

They also stopped at a local purveyor of mass quantities and observed the high cost of an adult beverage.

“Gadzooks!” a very surprised Obie-Bob muttered. 

Soon the two travelers arrived at the official beginning of this lengthy spaceway.

“I hope we don’t get into any trouble with the local authorities” thought Obie-Bob.  “It seems we have ended at the beginning!  How curious is that?”

Our travelers continued on their travels and soon found themselves at a very peculiar place

“What kind of creatures are these?” ask The Princess.

“These are fossilized remains of creatures that once ruled the earth…a page, so to speak, out of Jurassic Park.” acknowledged Obie-Bob.

Chapter 4 – The Great HarkoFest and beyond

“A most enjoyable stop, Obie-Bob, “ but now it is time to put the pedal to the metal and make our way to the Grand Haven Nebula in the Michigan Galaxy” exclaimed The Princess. 

Finally the two arrived as planned and they reunited with all.  There was time for great merriment, laughter, and consumption of mass quantities of seared animal flesh and adult beverages.

All too soon, it was time for everyone to return to their own dwellings.  However, before everyone departed, a photographic image was made to commemorate the historic event.

Before The Princess and Obie-Bob returned to their earth dwelling, they planned a few more stops, one of them being the RV Hall of Fame in the Indiana Galaxy.  They were able to actually enter many of the old spacecraft on display.  What a great time they had looking!!

Ancient Holiday Rambler "Egg"

Display of "Eggs"

Only one last stop was in store for our travelers.  They headed to The Land of Cleves in the Ohio Galaxy where they met with Obie-Bob’s oldest sibling Jim, and his Bride, Marge.  They spent the weekend together at a temporary docking facility, as Jim and Marge also have a spacecraft of their own, but it doesn’t get to travel as much as they’d like.  Obie-Bob’s sister, the Lady Janice and his brother-in-law Sir Rob were also able to visit the two space travelers.  Another fine reunion was enjoyed by all.

As Sol was rising in the east, Obie-Bob told The Princess, “It is time for us to return to our own earth dwelling, as we have been gone many solar days and periods of darkness.  It will take us awhile to return, but this adventure is almost complete.

They hitched up for the last time and departed the Land of Cleves, stopping only for resting during the periods of darkness in temporary docking facilities.

Finally the two arrived at their own earth dwelling having been gone 80 solar days and traveling 10,441 light-years.

“I think we should consider another Adventure, Obie-Bob” said The Princess.  “A gathering of Eggs is being held in the Crockett Nebula of the Texas Galaxy soon.  I think we should attend.”

“Are you sure you won’t change your mind?” asked Obie-Bob.

“Why” asked The Princess, “is there something wrong with the one I have?

“I have never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question,” thought Obie-Bob

Stay tuned for more Adventures of The Egg starring Princess Pat and Obie-Bob Cannoli, defender of The Truth and foe of The Dark Side.

Obie-Bob Canoli and Princess Pat

Katrina Casita (KC) arriving in the Frozen North Alaska Galaxy

 Additional inhabitants observed during our Adventure:

Observed between Watson Lake and Liard Hot Springs

Stone Sheep....they Rock!


“Princess, what is the difference between Caribou and Reindeer?” asked Obie-Bob.  “Why Obie-Bob, everyone knows the answer to that….reindeer fly!” remarked The Princess.


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