Adventures of The Egg – Episode 25

Back to Pineknot

 “Well” muttered The Princess, “you’ve finally decided to push the dust away and catch up with our adventures.  You sure are taking your sweet time.”

“Yes” remarked Obie-Bob Cannoli, defender of The Force, “it has been a busy time for us but I will try and bring our loyal followers up to speed.”

After our two adventurers returned from their excursion to the frozen north Galaxy of Alaska, they were able to kick back a bit and catch up with routine mundane events.  The Dark Side had gone into hiding, but vigilance was always in the background, as The Dark Side could rear its ugly head at anytime.

Once again it was time to head to the Texas Galaxy once again and attend the Gathering of The Eggs known as Pineknot.  The Supreme Leaders made an eggzecutive decision to relocate the event to a more suitable location.  The new facility was equipped with wireless, slow-speed inter Galaxy internet connections, and cable TV which allowed the attendees to keep up with news from all quadrants of the universe.  While there were some who were disappointed in the way the Eggs were allotted temporary docking facilities, most were happy with the new location and the amenities. 

Upon arrival, the two adventurers were directed to occupy the previously designated temporary docking facility.  They quickly set up Katrina Casita (or KC for short) and reported to the Supreme Leaders that they had arrived.

Soon they were involved with all the activities available….a demonstration of cooking utilizing ancient methods of meal preparation in round caldrons known simply as “Dutch Ovens.”

 “Hmmm” thought The Princess, “a funny name for sure.  Why are they called ovens where there is no switch to turn them on? And no timer!  How do they even know if there is food in the caldrons?  A mystery in the making.”

The Princess was able to hold classes in T-Shirt braiding and Decorating Fun, plus the making of Christmas – Holiday decorations with a small replica of an Egg.  The classes were enjoyed by all who attended, both ladies and men!


There was also a presentation from one of our many Wounded Warriors.  Many of the Egg Gathering attendees were astonished at the trauma the young lady had endured.  Raffles were held to help support this most worthy cause, and by unanimous decision, the Pineknot Gathering of The Eggs adopted the Wounded Warriors and will continue to support them in future events.  A most worthy cause for those that have given so much. 

 Our two adventurers stayed an extra day to socialize with others that were not in a hurry to return to their permanent dwelling.  An informal evening get together was held and enjoyed by all who attended.

As Sol was rising in the east, The Princess and Obie-Bob departed with intentions of returning to their permanent dwelling in just one solar day.  They slipped through the Spaceways in the Houston Nebula without any difficulties and arrived well before Sol sank in the west.

“A fine adventure” remarked The Princess.  Where shall we travel to next?”

Obie-Bob thought for a few minutes and said. “It will soon be time for the annual “Kicking of the Tires” in the Tampa Nebula, Princess.  We usually go to see what is new in the realm of new Eggs of all sizes and description.  Plus we will visit with my brother in the Leesburg Nebula for a few days and enjoy his hospitality and cheap adult beverages.”

“Any words of wisdom, Obie-Bob?” asked The Princess?

“Well Princess, I’m not exactly sure why I remember the words of the great Longfellow.  As you know, he said “All things must change to something new, to something strange.”  Now, I’m not quite sure how that relates to us, but I have a feeling, something is going to change in our lives.

Stay tuned boys and girls, for the next exciting episode of Adventures of The Egg as The Princess and Obie-Bob return to the Tampa Nebula for the Annual Kicking of the Tires.


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