Adventures of The Egg – Episode 26

The Annual Kicking of the Tires

The new Solar Year had come and soon it was time to head to the Tampa Nebula for the Annual Kicking of the Tires.  Our two adventurers, The Princess Pat and Obie-Bob Cannoli, Defender of The Truth and Foe of The Dark Side were once again on their way to see what was new in the Cosmos in the way of Eggs of all shapes and sizes.  And they looked forward to the partaking of cheap adult beverages with Obie-Bob’s brother in the Leesburg Nebula.

After a very disappointing stay at the temporary docking facility they had utilized during prior visits, Obie-Bob was able to find a much nicer and more reasonably priced temporary docking facility just a few parsecs down the Spaceway.  The staff of the temporary docking facility went out of their way to make sure that The Princess and Obie-Bob were truly Happy Campers.

“Another mystery of life” Obie-Bob noted.   “The name of the temporary docking facility is Spanish Main, yet there are so many from Northern Universes and Galaxies here.  Oh well, we will just enjoy the hospitality provided.” And they did!

The two were able to meet with retired members of The Force and Wearers of the Mystic Yellow Shirts, Captain Al the Aortic Wonder, and his bride the Lady Maureen.  They all enjoyed reminiscing about past battles between The Force and The Dark Side.  As usual, cheap adult beverages were available and readily consumed.

The following day as Sol made its arrival, The Princess and Obie-Bob were ready to fight the massive crowds at the exposition area where Eggs of all shapes and sizes were on display.

Obie-Bob soon felt that familiar feeling….”Too much cheap adult beverage last night, Obie-Bob?” asked The Princess. 

“No” remarked Obie-Bob, “I just felt a disturbance in The Force.”

The two arrived as the doors were opened and soon were viewing all the new models of Eggs.  Some were pretty square, some motorized, and some that could haul toys of all sizes.  Soon our two adventurers were at the display of a new Egg, known as The Element.

 “I’ve read about these new Eggs, Princess.  They are of a most agreeable design.  While they are not completely fabricated of fiberglass as is our beloved Katrina Casita is (or KC for short), it does have a fiberglass front and rear.  And the sides and flooring are composed of “Green” materials, using no wood that might rot or warp.  Oh Princess, there is a walk-around bed and a real shower!”

“And it appears the dining area could easily accomodate others” remarked The Princess.


“Did you see the cooking facilities, Princess?  Why, they are so sleek and modern!  Surely tho, such an exquisitely crafted Egg of this design is out of our league.  I’m sure we would not have enough space credits for an Egg of this style.” 

The two adventurers were gawking at the finely crafted Egg when a Sales Representative from a dealership that sold Eggs of all shapes and sizes approached them. 

“Well, it really is a fine looking Egg of a different shape” admitted Obie-Bob, “but I’m sure that the number of space credits required to purchase such a fine Egg of this shape and style is out of our budget.”

“It depends on what ‘extra’ items you are interested in” advised the Sales Representative.  “Let me introduce you to the Factory Representative for an Egg of this shape and style.  He can answer any questions that you may have about it.”

Soon Obie-Bob, The Princess, and the Factory Representative were in discussion.  The Factory Representative gave The Princess a sheet with prices and asked, if they were serious, to put check marks by the ‘extra’ items they were interested in.  He would then figure out how many space credits it would take to purchase an Egg of this shape and style.

The Princess and Obie-Bob took the paper and nervously contemplated what they were doing. 

“Our beloved KC!  What will become of her if we do this thing?” asked The Princess.

“We would have to find a new Starship Commander for KC.  Then we would have enough for an intial payment.  After that, we would have to make monthly space credit payments to the evil space credit lenders.”

“Let’s sleep on it, Princess, and as the dawn brings another day, we will have time to formulate a decision,” advised Obie-Bob.

The following morning, both The Princess and Obie-Bob knew what their decision would be.  They returned to fight the massive crowds at the exposition area where Eggs of all shapes and sizes were on display.  They returned to the Sales Representative from the dealership that sold Eggs of all shapes and sizes and once again met with the Factory Representative.  Offers were made, prices were changed, financing discussed, and additional options considered.

Finally, a price that was agreeable to the Factory Representative, The Princess and Obie-Bob was on the table.  With some hesitation, Obie-Bob said….”OK, we’ll accept the number of space credits you want for a new Egg of this shape and style, but we will attempt on our own to find a new Starship Commander for our KC”.  The Factory Representative agreed to all this and also promised them a delivery date.  He then directed them to the Financing Agent who represented the evil space credit lenders.  EZ terms were provided and low monthly payments for many solar years were now in store for the two travelers.

A dazed Obie-Bob and The Princess left the area and continued to wander, satisfied with their decision, yet somewhat melancholy.  They had experienced many good times in KC and traveled through many different Universes, Galaxies, and Nebula.  They also wondered if the owners of True Eggs would ostracize them or accept them as former Egg owners.

A few solar days later, the two departed and headed to yet another temporary docking facility where they relaxed for a bit.  Then it was off to visit Obie-Bob’s brother in the Leesburg Nebula for a few solar days and to again enjoy cheap adult beverages. 

On the way home, they stopped and visited with the heroic Sir Fred and the lovely Lady Genie, also retired Wearers of the Mystic Yellow Shirts.  They were in the Florida Galaxy escaping the harsh winter conditions of their own Pennsylvania Galaxy.

Our two finally arrived home and were faced with an extraordinary decision – where would they find a suitable Starship Commander and Co-pilot for KC?

“Well, Princess, remember back to one of our first adventures, where I quoted the Great Yogi ‘If you come to a fork in the road, take it.’  I guess we’ve taken that fork in a new direction.”

Is the end in sight for our two illustrious travelers?  Will they be shunned by loyal followers of The True Egg?

Stay tuned for yet another episode of Adventures of The Egg as the plot thickens.

PS: If you are a bit curious about the new Element that The Princess and Obie-Bob purchased, you can go to to learn more about it.



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