Adventures of The Egg – Episode 27

Hill-A-Palooza Revisited

Chapter 1 – Snow Birds

“I’ve got the Hitch Itch” muttered Obie Bob Cannoli, Defender of The Truth and Foe of the Dark Side.  “Isn’t there somewhere we can go with Katrina Casita (or KC for short)?  This may be close to our last trip.  Remember we did tell our fellow travelers about our upcoming new Egg.”

“Sir Larry (The Zen Master of All Things Casita) spread the word that our great Egg was going to be available.  He located a new Starship Commander and Co-Pilot in the Florida Galaxy for her, Sir Jay and Lady Angela.  They were most anxious to have an Egg of their own and are very agreeable to adopting our KC.  Her new name would be ED2 and they have new and wonderful adventures planned.  It will be some time before our new Egg of a different shape is ready and we must leave our Katrina Casita.  So let’s enjoy her as much as we can – while we still can.”

“Don’t remind me Obie-Bob” Princess Pat replied with some apprehension.  She was thinking of all the good times the two had spent traveling the spaceways with their beloved KC.

“We could once again head to the Egg Gathering in the Hills of the Texas Nebula.  And we could visit with your Aunt and Uncle who are featherless Snow Birds from the cold and wintry Kansas Galaxy.  Then, we’d head to the Gathering at the Hill-A-Palooza assembly location.  Because of the great distances involved in the Texas Galaxy, it will require us to find temporary docking facilities along our way,” said Obie-Bob

Our adventurers retrieved KC from its storage facility, loaded up with plenty of “stuff” and began their voyage, heading toward Sol as it set on the western horizon.  They procured an adequate temporary spaceport and settled in for the evening hours.

“Obie-Bob, we really should consider finding a different temporary spaceport in this area.  While the facilities are very nice and the amenities are more than adequate, the local purveyors of tasty Texas cuisine that are within walking distance leave much to be desired,” noted Princess Pat.

As daylight appeared with Sol, the two were once again on track, utilizing their built-in Galactic Positioning Sensor (GPS) to find their way through the maze of small spaceports along the way.

They finally arrived at their destination, a small but very nice temporary docking facility in the Kingsland Nebula section of the Texas Galaxy where they had stayed before.  “It’s just as nice as I remember” The Princess remarked.  They quickly located The Princess’ Aunt and Uncle and Obie-Bob noted that they still had no feathers in spite of their stay in the Galaxy.  The Princess had a most enjoyable reunion with her Aunt and Uncle.  But soon, it was time to depart and continue on their adventure.

Chapter 2 – Return of the Hillbillies

It was only a few parsecs of travel time to the Gathering of The Eggs in the Johnson City Nebula.

“Brrrr!” Obie-Bob exclaimed!  “Did I make a wrong turn and wind up in Matagorda??  Why is it so cold?  Perhaps this is due to all the featherless Snow Bird Migration changing the climate patterns?”

The Princess and Obie-Bob found a fairly level temporary docking facility and soon Sir Jim and the Lady Carolyn backed their Egg in front of KC and all settled into the routine of the Gathering.

Soon questions from other Egg owners were being fired at Obie-Bob and The Princess….”What have you done!” they exclaimed.  “Why have you decided to abandon your beloved Katrina Casita?” they asked.

“It was just getting to be a little difficult for us” Obie-Bob advised.  One of us was always crawling over the other during the middle of the night.  Plus, we decided it was time to pamper ourselves just a bit.  Our trusty KC is going to a loving family who will attend Egg Gatherings in the Florida Galaxy.  We have made many friends coming to these Gathering of The Eggs.  We hope we will still be allowed to remain part of ‘The Family’ even though we will be Egg Less.”

“Of course” they replied.  “You will always be welcome – as long as you bring food and ideas?”

The Princess organized DIY craft classes and taught her fellow Casitans how to fabricate bracelets out of adult beverage container tabs. Gracious Lady Jean made mini-country doll kits for all to add their personal touches.

There was also a Pot Luck dinner, yummy breakfasts plus many social events to attend.  And there was still time to visit with friends and check out the latest mods.

The Princess and Obie-Bob were able to slip away with to enjoy the local cuisine and locally brewed adult beverages.

Soon it was time to return to their home spaceport.  Although the weather did not cooperate, a most enjoyable time was had.  The trip to their home spaceport was uneventful.

Chapter 3 – The Call

Upon their return, Obie Bob received an unexpected call from the Sales Representative of the Dealership that sold Eggs of all shapes and sizes.  “Your new fine looking Egg of a different shape has arrived!  When can you come to the Florida Galaxy to take it?”

The Princess and Obie-Bob almost went into nuclear melt-down.  Discussions on how to get Casita Katrina to her new Starship Commander and Co-Pilot were the main topic.  Time would be needed to acquaint them with the functions of all Eggs as well as KC’s little idiosyncrasies.  Our intrepid travelers also needed to coordinate the purchase and pick-up of their Egg of a different shape with the Dealership in the Tampa Nebula.  So much to do and so little time.

“Well Obie-Bob, it appears that our Adventures of The Egg is coming to a close soon.  What words of wisdom do you have now?”

I think of that little round-headed boy, when he said: “In the Book of Life, the answers aren’t in the back.”

Good Grief!” exclaimed The Princess.

Well, Boys and Girls, what will happen to Obie-Bob and The Princess?  Is this the “next to the last chapter” or the beginning of something new?

Stay tuned for the next (or is it perhaps the last?) Episode of Adventures of The Egg!


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